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I want to contact you immediately, is there a phone number where I can reach you?
Yes. Call us anytime at 888-200-3120 & Select Sales

What is the production process like? How much work do I have to do?
Lone Wolf Internet Marketing Solutions will handle everything from script writing assistance to model selection/suggestions. We even handle all the technology aspects of getting the videos on your site.

How long will it take to have my videos completed?
Typical turnaround time for project completion is 7-10 days from the time we have a final script.

• First, we review your script and may offer you suggestions and return it to you to review.
• When we agree that the draft is ready for a professional review, we send your draft script to our vendor who’s professional script editor reviews it and returns their comments / suggestions.
• We email you the editor’s comments / suggestions and wait for your final review and your approval.
• Your approved script is sent to video production along with the actor that you selected.

How many words can be in a script?
Limit your script to a maximum of 160 words. Anything longer and you will loose your audience’s attention. Every word, like a, it, I, are each counted. MS Word has a built in word counter.

How do I write a script?
First, we would be happy to work with you to develop your script or use your submitted script. We suggest you listen to some of the samples displayed on our website, along with our walk on video spokesperson.

Remember, a model is talking to your potential customers and asking them to call or contact your business. Some ideals to consider:

• Why should they call you?
• What is the difference of your service / product to other businesses
• What are the benefits to the potential customer if they chose your business
• What makes your company credible, e.g., years in service, licenses, insurance, special skills
• Are you a member of an organization that is recognizable like the Better Business Bureau?
• You need a call to action. Is there a page on your website that provides more facts and information. If so, the script should direct the searcher to do so.

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